Why Work With a Coach?

Organisations spend many thousands of pounds sending employees on training courses with little or no real benefit. We’ve all been there… full of good intentions and action plans to implement when we get back to work. But how many times do we actually change the way we work and positively use the skills we gained from the training?

We often hear organisations say that “people are our most important asset” but do precious little to really develop the individuals.

One on one coaching is a bespoke, tailor made, fast track development programme that can achieve excellent results.

The main objective of coaching is to improve an individual’s performance and productivity by gearing up to manage change effectively through greater awareness, being responsive and taking responsibility.

Benefits of Business Coaching

Here’s a list of the main reasons why you should give coaching serious consideration.

  1. Develop a high performance culture.
  2. Increase innovation.
  3. Improve relationships and engagement.
  4. Bring out the best in individuals and teams.
  5. Build greater agility & adaptability.
  6. Improve career development & build greater life skills.
  7. Improve job satisfaction and staff retention.
  8. Create more time for the leader.
  9. Generate better use of people and knowledge.
  10. Encourage valued people to go the extra mile.

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If you would like to discuss how coaching could benefit you or your organisation please call me on 07852 130730 or email me on steve@masonbusinesscoaching.co.ukI look forward to hearing from you.


“Steve has really helped me get a clearer view of my business and the actions I need to implement a growth strategy. As an SME business owner I am convinced that coaching is a positive and rewarding process that can add value to any business.”

Neil Craig
Director, The Accountancy Practice

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